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Rendezvous Registration Challenge

The Challenge: Help us get to 200 rigs registered by the end of July! As of 6/18/18 we have 77 rigs registered so that means we just need 123 more by the end of July.

The Reward: If we reach 200 rigs registered by the end of July, one lucky person will win a free registration to the Rendezvous, $100 cash, and $200 in Vendor Bucks to be used at any of the vendor booths at the Rendezvous. Also every one that recruits someone to register during this time will get $2 off their event registration for every person they recruit up to $65.

This is totally doable! Last year we had 163 rigs attend. We already have 77 rigs registered from 13 states! That's 77 more than we had registered at this time for last years event! The more rigs attending the more vendors on site, the larger the raffle, the more vehicle builds to see, and the more training and presentations to participate in! Last year we gave away over $5000 worth of product and gift certificates, including two RTTs, two 12v fridges, two awnings, and a 9500lb winch! We need everyone to help us spread the word about this event to reach our goal. Please share things like the Facebook Event Page, the URL of the Event Information Page, the Youtube video above, the Event Registration Form, or any FB post we do with information about the event. Share with friends, in groups and forums you are a member of and with anyone with a rig built for overlanding!


  1. For those recruiting, there is a question on the Event Registration Form that asks "How did you hear about this event?" You will need to tell everyone you recruit to check the Friend box then enter your first and last name in the popup box so that you will get credit for their registration.

  2. If they cancel their registration before September 16th you will not get credit for their registration.

  3. The person you recruit can't recruit you.

  4. Remember your recruits have to register by the end of July to count.

  5. Take a journey with us! We will update to map below to reflect our progress on our route to the 200 mark!e

  6. The official count will take place on September 16th and you will get your refund when you check into the event.

  7. The drawing for the Challenge prize package will be held during our event raffle on Saturday, October 20th.


Again this is a challenge and we must reach our goal of 200 vehicles registered by the end of July for the Reward to be realized. If we don't meet our goal by July 31st we will add 50 to our goal and extend the challenge for another month.

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