Vendor Information

Welcome to our vendor information page. We hope you find the information you need and see the benefit to your company in supporting an event of this type in the central United States. Last year was the fifth year for this event and we had over 680 vehicles and 950+ people in attendance from 27 states! We have grown to be one of the premier events of this type in the central US and we're planning for another banner year for our 2022 this event! This event will again be held at the area's premier outdoor event venue, Mulberry Mountain Lodge and Event Center from Thursday, October 13 through Saturday, October 15th 2022. All vendors donating product or gift certificates to this event will be featured on our Vendor Spotlight page for a minimum of six months, in order by donation amount. Check out our Vendor Sponsor Levels for other benefits associated with your donation. 

Vendor Registration: We hope to have our online vendor registration form ready by March 1st for those that would like to register early.

On-Site Vendor/Exhibitor
Vendor Registration starts May 1st!
  • Vendor Sponsor Levels

  • Each booth registration includes:

    • Wifi access for one device to be used for credit card payments.

    • Name tags for qualified booth attendees. Each Sponsor Level provides for a limited number of booth attendees.

    • Event t-shirt, patch, and sticker for each qualified booth attendee.

    • Up to three nights of primitive camping for each qualified booth attendee.

    • One ticket to our vendor appreciation dinner on Thursday night for each approved booth attendee.

    • See the Vendor Sponsor Level document for other benefits based on sponsor level

  • Vendor Booth Space Pricing

    • Vendor booth space is priced at $1.00 per square foot.

    • Once booth size exceeds 500 square feet the vendor may elect to pay their balance over $500 in product donations to be used for our event door-prize drawings that will be held on Saturday evening.

    • We invite all vendors to donate product to our door prize drawing, but only those that have a booth size over 500 sq ft can use their product donations to partially offset their booth cost.

    • For example, a vendor needs a 30x30 booth or 900 sq ft. The cost of booth space is $1 per sq foot so the cost of a 30x30 booth would be $900. The minimum cash payment, in this case, is $500, leaving a balance of $400 dollars due. The vendor can choose to pay the balance in cash, or they can choose to donate product worth $400 (in this example) or more to cover the balance.

  • Vendors choosing to donate product for our door prize drawing will need to email a list of the products they plan to donate and the normal price of each product donated to before September 1st.

  • We have six 30x40 spaces with electricity. If you want one of these spaces there is a $25 electric charge and these booths will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

  • Vendors will need to complete a Vendor Registration Form only and are not required to complete a event registration form.

  • Please let us know if you plan any type of product demonstration while at the event so we can put it on our event schedule and announce it just prior to the time of the demonstration.

  • All booth items must be contained within your booth footprint, to include all vehicles and any camping, if you choose to camp at your booth.

  • Vendor is responsible for providing all booth related equipment such as canopy, table, chairs, and banners.

  • Vendor agrees to have their booth set up and ready for visitors before noon on Thursday, October 13th, 2022 and that booth will not be taken down before midnight Saturday, October 15th, 2022 unless special permission has been obtained from Natural State Overland LLC

  • If vendor is not able to setup before noon on Thursday, October 13th, they will need to wait until the vendor area closes for the day to set up. No vendors will be allowed to set up during vendor hours

  • Only the approved number of booth attendees and their family are permitted in the booth at any time.

  • Only event attendees are eligible to receive a ticket for the door-prize drawing. Vendors are not eligible to win door-prize items.

Refund Policy: If you cancel your registration by September 1st we will refund your registration cost. If you cancel your registration after September 1st you will not receive a refund.

Event Map