Frequently asked questions about Rendezvous in the Ozarks

When is the cut off date for registration?

If you want a shirt included in your registration you will need to register before September 1st. After that we will place the order for our event shirts. Otherwise you can register online until about a week before the event. We will also allow you to register at the event.

What is the format of this event? Will there be trail rides?

This event is intended to be more of an expo style event with vendor booths and volunteer presentations, trip reports, and product demonstrations on various overland related topics and products. Here is a link to our Preliminary Event Schedule. We also hope to be able to provide guided trail time for those that would like a guide, however, the National Forest Service is requiring us to get a Special Use Permit in order to provide guided trail runs. We have already applied for the permit but it can take up to six months to get the permit and there are no guarantees that the NFS will even approve our application. The NFS requires a one million dollar liability insurance policy as part of the process. All this to say if we get the permit we will have additional costs of about $1000 to cover our insurance costs. For this reason we are considering a few changes:

  1. When you register you will need to specify if you would like to participate in a guided trail run.
  2. You will only be able to sign up for one guided trail run during the event lasting 3-4 hours.
  3. There will be a trail fee of about $10 added to your registration cost for anyone wanting to participate in a guided trail run.
  4. There will be a limit of about 80 vehicles that we can accommodate on the various guided trail runs, so if you are interested in this option you will need to register early!
  5. If you pay for the guided trail option during registration and our permit is denied for some reason, we will refund your trail fee when you check in at the event.

Will there be a drawing for door prizes?

Yes! There will be several ways to win! There will be an event giveaway drawing on Saturday evening. Those that registered for one of the 3-day options receive one raffle ticket. ​NOTE: Our on-site vendors and their guests will not be able to participate in the giveaway drawing. Only Drivers registered for one of the 3 day packages will be eligible for the event giveaways. Each driver will get one ticket so everyone will have the same chance of winning. All drawing winners will be announced during our Saturday afternoon festivities. You must be present to win.

Do I have to reserve a primitive campsite?

No. There are no established camp sites in the primitive area so it is first come first serve and you just pick your spot. Please be frugal with your space. We are expecting a lot of primitive campers and we want to be fair to your camp neighbor.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed but ALL pets must be on a leash at ALL times when outdoors. No exceptions. NOTE: Pets are not allowed in the cabins.

Do I have to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle to attend?

No, but you won't be able to participate in the event sponsored trail time.

I have no overlanding experience. Can I still attend?

Absolutely! This is a great opportunity to meet others with experience and learn from them. A great place to see many different types of vehicle and trailer builds and to talk to vendors about their products.

What is the policy on alcohol?

Absolutely no alcohol on the trails period! If we see anyone with alcohol on the trails you will be asked politely to put it up until you get back to camp. If that doesn't work you will be asked to leave the trails. Back at camp, please remember this is intended to be a family friendly event so please respect those around you.

Are campfires allowed?

Yes, IF there are no burn bans and you keep it small. We are encouraging folks to share their fire with others to reduce the number of campfires. Also since the primitive camping area is just a large tree covered area there are no established camp sites, it's first come first serve and you set up where you want so there are no, or very few fire rings. If you think you might want a fire you should bring your own fire ring to keep your fire contained. Also for those camping on the open grassy area (our vendors for the most part) you will need to bring something that will keep the fire up off the grass. Please no digging and don't put cans and bottles in your fire.

What type of trails are in the area?

Mulberry Mountain is surrounded by the Ozark National Forest with trails for every experience level. If we are successful in getting a Special Use Permit from the National Forest Service we will be providing a limited number of trail guides and routes for those that would like to participate in a guided trail run. See previous question for more details. These are the categories of trails that they plan to provide.

  • Mild - unmaintained gravel with some trail
  • Moderate - moderate trail, can be difficult when wet
Warning some trails can be tight and surface scratches are likely. We recommend everyone have a GMRS radio, fire extinguisher,and first aid kit and require a 4wd, tow points front and rear, and off road capable tires.

Are motorcycles allowed?

Yes, as long as they are dualsports or something that is capable of off-road travel.

Are there restroom facilities?

Yes, There is both a mens and womens restroom with showers in each. We are expecting 1000-1200 people attending this event so plan your shower time accordingly and please help keep the restrooms clean. There will also be portable toilets in the primitive camping areas as well as the vendor area.

What if it rains?

We'll get wet! Always a good idea to pack rain gear, just in case.

Will there be food available at the event?

Yes, We will have food truck(s) conviently located next to the event happenings that will be open breakfast through dinner Thursday through Saturday.

Where's the closest gas station and grocery store?

Mulberry Mountain has some grocery items in their office but there is no gas available on site. Turner Bend Store & Outfitter is the closest gas station and they are located about 5 miles south of Mulberry Mountain on highway 23. They are open 7 days a week and have some food and camping supplies. Also some great gifts. There is also a 24 hour gas station about 16 miles south of Mulberry Mountain on highway 23. A full grocery is located in Ozark Arkansas about 20 miles south of Mulberry Mountain on, you guessed it, highway 23! There is also gas available at the infamous Oark Cafe in Oark (not Ozark) Arkansas about 20 miles from Mulberry Mountain.

Do you accept credit cards at the event?

Mulberry Mountain does accept credit cards for ice, beer, and other supplies at their office. However you will need to bring cash if you plan to register at the event and for any purchases you may make at the event. There is an ATM machine that is located at Mulberry Mountain office. We are also working on providing wifi service for our vendors to allow them to take credit cards this year. Note: we cannot guarantee this service so plan accordingly.

Is there firewood available at the event?

Byrd's normally has some firewood for sale. We are also encouraging folks to share their campfire with others so we can reduce the number of open fires in the primitive camping area. We plan to have a large group bonfire both Friday and Saturday nights.

What do we do when we arrive at the event?

As you enter Mulberry Mountain you will drive down the entrance road until you see our Event Check-in tent on your right. You must stop and check-in with us and pick up your event packet befor proceeding to your campsite.

How many people have registered so far?

We had over 680 rigs attend last year's event.

Is there a schedule for the event?

We haven't put together this year's schedule yet.

Are ATVs and Side-by-sides allowed?

No, please leave your ATVs and Side-by-sides at home. You are welcome to bring a scooter or bycicle to get around the grounds. Most activities are within easy walking distance.