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Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Imagine 800 acres located in the beautiful Ozark National Forest situated along the banks of the Mulberry River, one of the most popular floating destinations in the state of Arkansas. Then imagine the beauty of autumn in the Ozarks with mild days and nights just made for sharing a campfire with friends and talking about the beautiful vistas, bubbling creeks, cascading waterfalls, and trails that take you in any direction you want to explore! Now imaging over 300 4x4 vehicles of every make, model, and build and 700 other like-minded people all eager to share their build experience and off-road adventures, some lasting days and others lasting months or even years!

Imagine having access to vendors with products of all types from cookstoves to off-road recovery gear, to roof-top tents and off-road trailers. The opportunity to compare products and learn about each one before you buy. Now imagine over 20 classes and presentations all geared to help you be better prepared for your next adventure, and even a chance to get your vehicle out on the trail with an experienced guide leading the way, or just putting your own group together, grabbing a map and exploring on your own. Or perhaps you would like something a little more technical to test your rig and your driving skills, maybe a private off-road park where the trails are rated for skill level and build and practically right outside your tent.

All this in a great family friendly environment with plenty of room for primitive camping, or, if you prefer, a site with water and electric. Imagine clean restrooms with showers, food vendors, a first-class restaurant overlooking the beautiful Mulberry River, and a chance to win from over $23,000 worth of vendor donated products and gift certificates!

Sound to good to be true? Well if you attended the Rendezvous in the Ozarks Overland Rally hosted by Natural State Overland at Byrd’s Adventure Center October 19th – 21st, 2018 you didn’t have to imagine, you lived it, and if you didn't attend imagine attending an even bigger and better event in 2019!

See more pictures HERE!

Get more information about our next event HERE!

Thanks to the 60+ vendors that donated product and or had a booth at this event. Check out our Vendor Spotlight page for more information about each one and be sure to check with one or more of them when you need something overland related!

And finally, be sure to join the Natural State Overland FB group for all the latest information about next year's event and we hope to see you there where you can Chart Your Own Adventure!

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