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Aug 5, 2017

Hello from Springdale!

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I am still really new to overlanding, but extremely interested in learning and experiencing more. I purchased my 98 4Runner in November of last year and have only had time and funds to do needed maintenance and tires. But even with just those upgrades, I've had her on some pretty great adventures. I'm really looking forward to meeting other like minded guys and gals and hopefully getting some inside tips on overlanding trips across the state. Hopefully I can tag along on some upcoming adventures and learn a thing or two.


I have been looking for a group like this for months and months and never could find one, until the other day when I saw a jeep drive by my house that said Natural State Overland. I knew I had found my people when I saw that sticker.


Looking forward to the rendezvous!



Aug 5, 2017

Hi Kevin,


Welcome! Glad you found us. That was probably my Jeep you saw. I live in Cave Springs and work in Fayetteville so I drive 112 back and forth to work every day. Look forward to meeting you at the Rendezvous.

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  • Hi all. I'm totally new to overlanding but really excited about learning. I used to backpack a lot because I like camping off the beaten path but my joints don't allow it so much any more. Driving there looks just as fun and challenging based on what I have seen. I am wondering if i am at a disadvantage with my full size truck. Don't see many on YouTube doing this kind of stuff. Hope I'm not too big for the trails around here. Cant wait to see what my truck can do though. Look forward to meeting people with the same passion and talents to teach me.
  • Hi everyone. I'm from Northeast Arkansas and I am looking to get into some trail riding with my new 2017 Colorado ZR2. I bought the truck to use it for what it was built for so I'm up for anything. I joined mostly to start learning what gear I need and how to properly drive my truck off road. I'm joining my first group day trip this weekend in Ouachita so we'll see how it goes. Here's to the great outdoors!
  • Just wanted to say hi! Im a newbie to the whole overland stuff but a longtime outdoorsmen. Many backpacking trips under my belt as well as a few survival courses. looking to learn and hopefully go out on some adventures with some good folks.